WMWM DJ Problems

Let’s face it, being a WMWM DJ isn’t always the easiest job, so here’s a list of the Top 10 Struggles of being a DJ:


1.Being new

You just passed your board test and you’ve just been certified as a new DJ, the world is your oyster! But wait! It’s your first show and you suddenly forgot everything



2.The FCC

It’s my show so why can’t I say whatever the *@!$&% I want to? Because the FCC, that’s why!



3. Multitasking

Don’t you just love when the phone is ringing and you only have one minute to put that song info into the metadata while having to make sure no swears go out on air?


“91.7 WMWM Salem, how can I help you?”


4.Early morning shows

You got up at the crack of dawn to go do your 8 AM show to find the station door unlocked. Will the Salem State Police Department get here in time for your show?



5.Leaving your late night show

On the other end of the spectrum, don’t you just love walking through the dark abyss of the Ellison basement after your 10 to Midnight show? Don’t worry now thing is gonna jump out at you.



6.Playing Long songs

But this song is so good! Why can’t I play it without those mandatory ad breaks?



7.Leftover Food

Yo, can you not leave pizza grease all over the soundboard? Gross!



8.Wondering if anyone but your mom is actually listening to your show

How many Facebook posts and texts to your friends does it take to get someone who will listen to you?




9.Not knowing what to talk about

“Hi, I’m gonna awkwardly stall so that I can prevent dead air”



10.Trying to be the next Ryan Seacrest

Not everyone is born to be a star…



Despite all the struggles of being a DJ, you love what you do so give yourself a gold star!


WMWM Sings Its Heart Out


Written by Marcos Huacon

Karaoke night always brought together many individuals to sing their lungs out and have a blast without any judgment or stress. On April 6th, WMWM took some time away from their broadcasts to host their own karaoke night The station managed to capture the fantastic energy of the singers, and the crowd, into our small little Starbucks here on Salem State Central Campus. With a full house and a line eager for the mic, the crowd waited patiently for unique reproductions of famous hits like; Centuries by Fall Out Boy (sung by Patrick Kirkwood) ,  ferocious pop song Fergalicious, by Fergie (Sung by Ryan Bartlett and Robert Francis),  Forget You By, Cee Loo Green (Sung by Ashley Atkins) and  Ace of Spades by Motörhead (Sung by Jonathan Cwiok) which all left the crowd in great applauds. Along with these spectacular acts were fun collaborations with several DJ’s such as Elton John’s Don’t Go Breaking My Heart sung by station president Cassie Riva and SSU Alumni James Peddle.

DJ Becky Siefkin and friend Jill Neault in line to sing

WMWM would like to thank everyone for their the support from the Salem State community If you happened to miss the excitement, look out for any upcoming posts around campus or on WMWM’s Facebook page for new information! WMWM welcomes anyone and everyone to their next Karaoke night with hopes to see more familiar faces take the stage and dazzle the crowd.


Salem State Students Unite to Fight Cancer


By Harry Watson

On Friday, April 7th, students of Salem State University, united at the Rockett Arena to raise money for the fight against cancer. The school’s first ever Relay for Life was hosted by the Salem State chapter of Colleges Against Cancer and lasted from 6 pm to 6 am. The campaign was led by Julia Marshall (President), Matt Eckhardt (Vice President), Brian Perrin (Treasurer) and Brady Magrath (Secretary).

The club’s main goal was to help those who are either battling against cancer or have lost a loved one to the disease. At around 10 pm, students participated in a vigil ceremony, called a Luminaria. The ceremony consisted of a silent walk around the track in remembrance for those who have lost their lives to Cancer. After the Luminaria, there were events such as a Zumba fitness workout, a pageant and a Build-A-Bear workshop. In addition to this, students walked laps around the track to raise money.

Salem State students walking to raise money for Relay for Life

The event featured performances from artists and bands such as Pitch Craft, Andrew Marshall and RTD, with music and broadcasting  provided by the DJ’s at WMWM 91.7 FM, (Cassie Riva, Daniel Darmody, Paul Miranda, Tal Rimoni, Shawn Provencher, Harry Watson, Kiah Rose and Kyle Talbot). The event was also attended by several Salem State Greek organizations: Theta Phi Alpha, Phi Sigma Sigma and Alpha Sigma Phi.

WMWM DJ’s:(Bottom Left to Right) Daniel Darmody, Tal Rimoni, Cassie Riva, (Top Left to Right: Harry Watson, Kiah Rose, Paul Miranda)

At the end of the night Colleges Against Cancer-SSU raised 40,765 dollars for the Relay for Life organization. President Julia Marshall had the following comment “Overall, I think we had a wonderful event. We raised $40,765 and the money is still coming in! I think we exposed the Salem State community to Relay for Life in such a positive way. Our participants were active all through the night; they cried, celebrated and fought back against this horrible, horrible disease. I can’t wait for Relay to become an annual event at Salem State and I truly feel like it has the potential to be.”

If you would like to make a donation to the Relay for Life Organization, please contact Julia Marshall or any member of the Colleges Against Cancer club at Salem State. For more information about Relay for Life at Salem State University, visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/1763940277162157/


WMWM Student Elections 2017

By Daniel Darmody

WMWM had a very important general body meeting Wednesday night! A discussion on upcoming events as well as implementing new programs such as Spinitron. A huge piece of the meeting had to do with elections for the WMWM eboard. The positions of Treasurer, Secretary, Public Relations, Music Director, Vice President and President were all up for election for this upcoming year. Many nominations ensured, and it was a very big night for WMWM.


There was a good amount of nominations last night that ensured for each position of WMWM’s eboard.

For President, Katie Pope, Molly McDonald, Hannah Newcombe, Andrew Baril, and Tal Rimoni were all nominated.

For Vice President, Katie Coffey, Hannah Newcombe, Harry Watson, Daniel Darmody, and Kyle Talbot were all nominated.

For Music Director, Katie Coffey, Asa Anderson, Molly McDonald, and Hannah Newcombe were all nominated.

For Secretary, Molly McDonald, Harry Watson, and Andrew Carden were all nominated.

For Treasurer, Casey Jones, Paul Miranda, Katie Coffey, Hannah Newcombe, Andrew Carden, and Robert Francis were all nominated to run for the position.

For Public Relations, Katie Pope, Casey Jones, and Paul Miranda were all nominated.


After the nominations, each candidate was given the ability to speak on their nominations, the candidates had the following statements for the readers:


Tal Rimoni: “I would love to be President of WMWM because I am very passionate about the radio station, I believe that my experience as a leader for the PR Street team has taught me a lot about being a leader for the radio station. Reliability is the biggest thing I want to push in the radio station as well as asking DJ’s what they would like to do with and for the station.”


Andrew Baril: “Hi, my name is Andrew Baril and I’m running for general manager of WMWM. My freshman year, I was extremely introverted and was having a difficult time meeting new people. I saw an advertisement in Ellison about a general body meeting at WMWM and decided to take a chance and see what it was about. Since that first meeting I went to, I’ve always considered WMWM to be a home for me. I’ve made a lot of awesome friends and have always done my best to improve the station in any way I can because I love it dearly. As general manager, I want to have our events be what all of us want and not just what the  e-board wants. Along with this, I want you all to know what’s going on and what the e-board is talking about at the weekly meetings we have. Everyone should know what’s going on and what we want to plan. Even though an on-campus organization is required to have an e-board to run it, I believe that all of us, as DJ’s of WMWM should be a part of what we do and how we do things.”


Daniel Darmody: “I love WMWM and the people here, I will be a voice for everyone. We have a divided group between eboard and everyone else and my first order of business is to fix that. I want to stress openness, I am open to new ideas and working with anyone who would like to work with me. WMWM has limitless potential and I would love to help us realize that. As Program Director/Vice President I would make the role a more human experience rather than sending out emails I would schedule face to face interactions with the WMWM community to resolve issues.”


Kyle Talbot: “I am the current personnel director of WMWM and  I am running for Program Director / vice president. I have a three step plan I want to institute to improve programming and relations among DJs as well as revamping the personnel director role. I want to help people find their voices like I was able to find mine at the radio station, at my home. If you know me, I’m very hands on and committed to the radio station and I’m ready to step into this role and make the station the best it can be!”


Hannah Newcombe: “I am running for Music Director, Treasurer, Vice President and President. I really care about this station and want to see it succeed its full potential. I have experience with both Music Director and Treasurer, I have previously held those positions. I want to rebuild the connection between the community and the radio and I would love to see Salem State take pride in us, and use our station at the dining halls and locations on campus. I am honest, hardworking, and open minded, and think I will work well with the new team.”


Katie Coffey: “I’m currently running for music director as well as treasurer and program director. Out of these I am most passionate and feel I am the most qualified to become WMWM’s music director. I love music and have always been very passionate for radio. One day I hope to make a career out of it. I think I would be the best fit for music director because I am an open minded individual. If elected I will always keep a non biased, level head. Not only in music selection but with all issues that may arise working on an e-board. I have so many ideas to positively impact the station to everyone’s benefit, not just eboard. Being on radio has helped me grow and learn so much over the past year. All I want is to give back and help better the station like it has done for me.”


Asa Anderson: “Hello, I am Asa Anderson, current assistant music director, and I am currently running for the position of music director. I have a wide taste and knowledge of how the systems work and feel as if I am a fit candidate for the position”


Katie Pope: “I am running for PR of WMWM because I have been passionate about the radio station since I first tried my freshman year I have always wanted you PR for the station it’s what I want to do with a lot of my life. I’ve had a chance to work with some really amazing people since I joined radio even just being on PR Street Team and I’ve been given so many amazing opportunities I have so much thanks for everyone who is ever given me a chance I work hard for the station since the beginning of this year before making posters that were for my own show they were four events for the station whether it was spreading the word about us at accepted students day because I was having to be there for another reason. And I really want to focus next year on the fact that we’ve been in broadcasting station for 50 years and I really want us to acknowledge your past and get back to our roots and look at what came before us and all the people that came before us all the hard work that they did so that we could be such an amazing station and we still have so much more to do and I would absolutely love the chance to be able to do it with an amazing world of people and to keep help to help run an amazing station that I’ve loved since my freshman year. Vote Katie Pope for PR director.”


Casey Jones: “Hey guys! I’m Casey and I’m running for PR director and treasurer. I’m running because I want to get our stations name out there and bring us together like the family we are.”


Paul Miranda: “Need something done? Paul is the man for the job. People know him as a renaissance man, wearing many hats. Having a background in business, marketing, and graphic design, he is well equipped to take on the challenges ahead.”


Robert Francis: “I’ve been with this station since my freshmen year. Now, as a junior (soon to be senior), I have to say I’m incredibly proud of how far we’ve come. It’s hard to believe that in just three short years, this station has more than doubled in size. We’re getting more involved in campus activities, and the quality and variety of our shows have improved drastically. However, we can always do better, and I believe that I can help with that as treasurer. I’ve always supported this station any way I can as a DJ, but now, I want to be able to help in a much bigger way. So please, vote for me, so that I can be a part of helping WMWM be the best station it can be. Also, I’m good with money. So there’s that.”


Harry Watson:My name is Harry, I’m an English Major and I’m the current secretary at WMWM. I have been a dedicated member to WMWM for two years and want to continue giving the most to my community. When I first started as secretary, I wanted to make this role more than just taking notes. This past year I have created a DJ manual, kickstarted our blogging program and written proposals to get funding for events such as our SSU’s Got Talent Show. My goal for next year is to help our station become more connected with each other as well as to the SSU and North Shore Community. I plan to be available to my WMWM DJ’s as much as possible and to help our station branch out through a series of blog posts, press releases and data collection. As secretary I will ensure that WMWM is always a safe, diverse, and inclusive environment where creativity can thrive and all students are welcome. ”


Andrew Carden: “I’m Andrew Carden, and I’ve been a DJ in the station for two semesters now. I host The Filibusters, a political talkshow. I’m heavily involved in the station, and you’ll definitely see me at most events and all PR Street Team meetings.  I am running for the E-Board spot of secretary primarily to help serve as a better link between the general body and E-Board. I – among others – feel dissociated with the current E-Board, and I feel that being an officer committed to being a link between you and the leaders of the station will help bring your ideas and concerns to our E-Board meetings, making our station progress better as a whole.
Our station has so much potential, most of it lying in the hands of you and our fellow DJ’s. I don’t want you left out in our work.”


Molly McDonald: “Local music and college radio go hand in hand; we are a community. I want to see WMWM members writing about their favorite musicians/underground musicians/local musicians on the WMWM blog. You know cool musicians so you should share! We need more live performances on air and more interviews going down in the station. There’s no reason that we can’t be doing that. I am so passionate about furthering the reach of WMWM, connecting the station with the local music community, and helping the station live up to its potential. Music director is a position I would be very grateful to have. This summer I co-hosted a benefit show for WMWM with a lineup featuring seven bands from surrounding areas. This winter I hosted the Local Jamboree with seven bands as well. If you don’t pick me for GM or Music Director Secretary would be sick because I think I deserve to be apart of the Eboard. As GM I would voice every concern you have. I would work as GM with you. From tech to shows everyone will know what’s going on. If elected GM I will drop everything to focus on WMWM. (while being healthy).”

What’s Cookin’ with 621?

By Harry Watson

For 20 years Chartwells dining has catered to the students of Salem State University. Chartwell’s aim has always been to provide students with a variety of options. As of last year Chartwells has introduced several new programs and events such as dietary programs and an Oscar Night dinner theme event. However on March 8th freshman Austin Wuebker lodged a complaint towards Chartwells on the Salem State University class of 2020 Facebook page. Wuebker writes “ the students are fed up with the inconsistency and lack of management president and demand that changes taken (made).” Since its emergence the post has gained 148 reactions on Facebook as well as 58 comments. On March 24 WMWM Salem DJ Tal Rimoni, sophomore, asked several Chartwells staff members to come talk on his show 621. These members included John Hayes (Resident District Manager), George Lua (North Dining Director), Jim Caldarelli ( Catering Director), Alton Jackson (Director of Marsh Dining) and Tess Brady (Assistant Director of Marsh Dining)

One of the main concerns brought up by students was the inconsistency of the quality of food between March Dining and North Dining. Hayes stated “The difference is the sheer volume of people and the equipment that were working with. At North campus we typically see between 300 to 400 people. Down at Marsh Dining, we get anywhere between 700 to 1000 kids.” This shows why students might receive better food at North campus as opposed to Marsh.

One question Tal had for Tess Brady, a Salem State Alum, was about how Chartwells has improved over the past two years since she has graduated. Brady stated that Chartwells has implemented two new programs to cater to students with dietary needs: “The Rooted Program”, which services students who are vegetarian/vegan and the “G8” program which is designed for students with digestive food allergies such as Celiac disease. These programs make it easier for students to be accommodated and find options more suited for their needs. Chartwells also offers healthier food options via its salad bar and makes an effort to provide food for those not wanting to endure the “Freshman Fifteen”

When asked about the Class of 2020 Facebook post, Hayes had the following response, “We’re not perfect, we serve about 8,000 meals per day. I think this whole thing kind of just snowballed.” Hayes also stated that when it comes to voicing their concerns,  “a lot of younger college students, they don’t say anything.” Chartwells measures its student satisfaction rate through a system called “HAPPY or NOT,” a system in which only a minimal amount of students take advantage of. They also have an “If you don’t see it, ASK” policy, in which students are allowed to make requests for food they want on the menu. The last thing Chartwells wants the students of SSU to know is that they care about how students feel and are doing everything they to listen to their students requests.